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Dosnoventa Attaquer

In October 2010, Dosnoventa was founded in the city of Barcelona by two old friends with a shared passion. Both friends were well-known city riders, lovers of quality product and had years of professional experience in the world of fixed gear.

Their synergy pushed them to develop Dosnoventa and take part in the revolution of the fixed gear world. The pair set out on a mission to create a superior product using the highest quality materials. Their commitment and determination laid the foundation of what Dosnoventa is today. The bikes are designed in Barcelona and hand built in Italy by expert craftsmen. Every aspect is approached with intense attention to detail, from aesthetics to geometry, all while maintaining an authentic brand image. The result a superior product, renowned for it's quality, offered at a very competitive price.

In the last couple years, Dosnoventa has built a strong family…a brotherhood that keeps growing in size and product. They are comprised of a team of exceptional riders and experienced brand ambassadors, who just this year, introduced three new frame models to the market. The Dosnoventa family is extremely dedicated and fueled by their shared passion for cycling which is ultimately echoed and experienced through their product.

Beyond their products, Dosnoventa's unique approach to PR and marketing allows the consumer to see firsthand the style and authenticity that the brand brings to the world of fixed gear. Their brand videos have reached and influenced millions of viewers, providing a personal glimpse into what Dosnoventa represents: their dedicated lifestyle, values and love of cycling. The result is a powerful and influential marketing message.

Dosnoventa's immaculate attention to detail, intriguing marketing campaigns and unparalleled customer service has made it one of the most sought after brands in the urban cycling scene worldwide.

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