Artist Series:
Will Carsola

Will Carsola is an artist, director and writer, best known for his Adult Swim hits ‘Mr Pickles’ and ‘Momma Named Me Sheriff’, Funny or Die Presents...', alongside a diverse body of work including an artistic partnership with the canned-water company ‘Liquid Death.

Originally focused on painting, Carsola abandoned art school to satisfy an increasing desire to write sketch comedy and explore video work. With the change in direction came a relocation to LA where Carsola eventually discovered a knack for animation, leading to the creation of ‘Mr Pickles’ for Adult Swim and his first foray into mainstream fame. Building on this success with the spin-off series ‘Momma Named Me Sheriff’ and artistic partnership with Liquid Death, he has amassed a cult following for his wild illustrative style, outrageous characters and dark humour.

Intensely self-reflective, Carsola’s meditative approach allows him to tap deep creative reserves, pushing boundaries across media ranging from digital to as far fetched as junk mail catalogues, torn out textbook pages and old LP sleeves, while always seeking to impart a sense of soul. Believing art is enriched and its meaning made more potent when left unexplained, a fascination with the mysteries of life, death and the beyond is clearly borne out in his heavily symbolic work.

Carsola’s dark sense of humour and unique creative flair had us itching to get his designs out on the road. The crazy cast of characters featuring throughout his work lend themselves perfectly to our latest Artist Series. The Attaquer x Will Carsola collection celebrates the creeps, weirdos, hellraisers and goblins in all of us, whether we choose to project them or not. This collaboration offers the opportunity to show yourself, warts and all, championing that alter ego you may keep buried in the shadows.

Shop the ATQ x Will Carsola collection here from the 22nd of February, 2022.