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Adventure Handlebar Bag Square - Black

Handlebar Bag

$100 AUD

Adventure Handlebar Bag Square - Camo

Handlebar Bag

$100 AUD

Adventure Handlebar Bag Square - Tan

Handlebar Bag

$100 AUD

Race Saddle Bag Camo

Saddle Bag

$40 AUD

All Day Saddle Bag Camo

Saddle Bag

$40 AUD

All Day Saddle Bag Tan

Saddle Bag

$40 AUD
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Pocket Pouch Camo

Pocket Pouch

$10 AUD $40 AUD

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It might be your phone and house keys you’re planning to carry, a spare inner tube, a tyre repair kit or energy bars. Either way, there are cycling bags and pocket pouches that deliver within the Attaquer range. We’ve created and tested our durable bags to hold as much as possible within streamlined designs so you can feel equipped on every ride. These bags are lightweight and easy to access, yet tough and designed to stay in place. In short – they tick all the boxes.

Women’s jerseys, bibs & base layers

Everyone has a personal preference when it comes to cycling bags. You may be searching for a handlebar bag for quick access while riding, or a sleek cycle saddle bag to position under the seat. Perhaps you prefer a pocket pouch that can easily slip into your jersey pocket, or a cotton musette that will sit flat against your back while you’re riding. There’s an Attaquer solution whatever your cycling style. We’ve focused on creating high capacity bags and pouches with low weight, that will hold most smartphones and keep contents well protected.

Designed for rugged dependability

As with all of our cycling accessories, quality has shaped our every design decision to develop the best cycling bags available. We’ve used Cordura® fabric for its strength, durability and low weight, as well as waterproof zippers that open up easily. Reflective details help to maximise visibility in low light conditions. And because we’ve road tested our cycling bags time and time again, you can be confident they’ll strap into place securely on the bike for minimal distraction. Our cycling bags are ultimately simple and modern in design, but deliver dependability because of the thought that goes into them.

Do I need a bike saddle bag?

From competing to commuting, many cyclists look to saddle cycle bags as an effective way to store items while riding. A saddle bag enables you to free up your jersey pockets and take more with you on your rides without feeling weighed down.

We’ve designed our sleek Race saddle bag for minimal drag, weighing in at a performance-ready 49 grams. Meanwhile our All Day saddle bag has a higher capacity and weighs in at just 57 grams. The best cycling saddle bag choice can depend on how much you plan to carry, where you’re riding and your cycling style.

What is the difference between saddle bags and panniers?

While saddle bags are relatively small and positioned just under the bike seat, cycling panniers are generally larger in size and positioned over the back wheel. Each serves its own purpose. Our cycling saddle bags are ideal for carrying smaller items in an unobtrusive way, where a pannier is designed to hold bulkier items and as such can affect the cycling experience. If you’re looking for a low-profile way to carry some key pieces of kit, a saddle bag from Attaquer is a smart choice.

What should be in my bike saddle bag?

Naturally this depends on the individual, but a bike saddle bag presents an opportunity to be fully prepared when cycling. You could pack a spare inner tube, tyre levers, CO2 cylinders or multi-tools to handle any flat tyres. You might prefer to pack a gilet or hardshell rainwater jacket in case the weather turns, or pack extra energy bars or gels for an endurance ride. Your cycling bag might also be where you keep your smartphone, ID and cash out of the way as you focus on the path ahead. Whatever it is that you’re packing away, our weather-resistant Cordura designs will keep it within easy reach.

Can cycling bags affect centre of gravity or performance?

Any addition to a bike’s frame or its rider can potentially affect the riding experience, which is why we place so much focus on designing cycle bags and pouches that are lightweight and aerodynamic. These bags are best placed centrally on the bicycle frame, whether for a handlebar bag or saddle bag. Adding a balanced bag could actually help to lower centre of gravity while riding. Of course, it’s important to never carry more than is needed. Keeping it simple and choosing high quality gear is key in feeling ready for absolutely anything.

We’re here to help you build the best cycling kit, complete with free shipping on Australian orders over AU$99. For any questions or clarifications you can get in touch with us directly, or visit your local Attaquer dealer for assistance and product advice.