About Us

For us, Attaquer's always been about an attitude, an approach, shaking up the traditions, not conforming to ‘rules’ of what’s deemed acceptable to ride in, or who to ride with. To hell with all that. We love riding our bikes and we do it because it makes us feel damn good. Stoking that little fire that burns inside us all. Chasing that kick we get when we’re riding with our mates and there’s nowhere we’d rather be. We feel out of ourselves and we can be whoever or whatever we want. Sometimes we’re the most audacious, unapologetic, ‘other’ versions of ourselves.

When we're riding our bikes, we are our alter egos.

Attaquer is the French word for "to attack", which we reckon is perfect for a company that lives and breathes cycling. When the French pronounce it, it sounds like 'a-tack-ay' or 'a-tack'. We tend to pronounce our moniker 'a-tack-er'. However you pronounce it, Attaquer exists to provide you with premium cycling clothing that will help you stand out from the pack.


Attaquer Cycling