Pedaling Podcast - Meet the founders of Attaquer

Posted by: Zoe Binder on 2019-08-08 11:55:17 +1000

Pedaling Podcast

Attaquer's founders Greg Hamer and Stevan Musulin sat down with John Pears of the Pedaling Podcast, as he travels from New Zealand to his home city of London by bicycle. John's journey will span across 12,000 miles, and along his journey he is making a series of podcasts, speaking to people within the cycling community.

John says "I'm really interested in sharing stories because I find it doesn't matter where in the world you are, when people ride bikes they have an immediate connection."

Greg and Stevan spoke with John as he stopped in at Sydney, before beginning his route to Melbourne and eventually on to Perth. Have a listen as they explain the origins of Attaquer, inside the early years of the brand and how they create the iconic aesthetic that Attaquer has become known for...
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Pedaling Podcast - Meet the founders of Attaquer