Attaquer Ascent FAQ

How do I become an Ascent member?

Joining Ascent is as simple as signing up for an Attaquer account. You’ll be automatically enrolled in the program and will receive your first 200 Ascent Metres. To join Ascent, simply click here.

I already have an Attaquer account, how to I join Ascent?

If you already have an Attaquer account, you’re already enrolled in Ascent. Simply login to your account to view your Ascent balance (your 200 Metre sign up bonus has already been credited to your account).

Does it cost anything to join Ascent?

Becoming an Ascent member is completely free. There is no fee to join or maintain your membership. When you sign up you will receive a 200 Metre bonus and be automatically enrolled in the Bronze level of the program.

How do I earn Ascent Metres?

There are a variety of ways to earn Ascent metres. The fastest way to accumulate metres is through purchases on this website. You’ll earn a minimum of 5 metres for every AU$1 spent (Silver members will earn at a rate of 7 metres per AU$1, and Gold members will earn 10 metres per AU$1). You can also earn points for a range of activities, such as leaving a product review, sharing on Facebook and following us on Instagram and Facebook. To discover more ways to earn Ascent Metres simply click here.

When will my Ascent Metres expire?

Your Ascent Metres will never expire. While Attaquer reserves the right to modify earn and redemption rates, we will communicate any changes well in advance of any modifications.

How do Ascent levels work?

Ascent is made up of three levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold. When you sign up you will be enrolled in the Bronze level of the program. You will ascend to the next level of the program through accumulation of Ascent Metres. Click here to explore the ways you can accumulate Metres.

How do I maintain my Ascent level?

Ascent levels are achieved by earning the required number of Metres per calendar year. Beginning as a Bronze member, if you earn at least 3,750 Metres between January 1 and December 31 of 2023, you will automatically move to Silver and maintain that level until the end of 2023. You will need to earn at least 3,750 Metres during 2023 to maintain Silver, or you will automatically drop to Bronze on January 1, 2024.

Can I transfer my Ascent Metres to someone else?

Ascent Metres can only be earned and redeemed by one individual (account).