Artist Series:
Lucas Beaufort

There are two constants in French artist Lucas Beaufort’s life, skateboarding and art. A lifelong skater, Lucas found art relatively late but the two quickly became seamlessly intertwined. It should come as no surprise then that he made his start drawing monsters on the cover of skate magazines. Beaufort’s work now spans from hand painted skate decks to large format murals, covering buildings in Montreal, Melbourne and LA amongst many others.

A determination to live life his way and spread joy is central to his work. His infectious positivity is reflected through the bright colours and bold lines of the many bird-like characters and tessellating patterns he creates. Beaufort’s hero character Gus Gus, a flower wielding extension of the artist’s own personality. Lucas' art has featured in collaborations with major brands like Vans, Billabong and Burton, but even in more unexpected settings with Galerie Yves Laroche and The W Hotels.

More than just a painter however, Lucas Beaufort is a prolific artist who lives and breathes music, art and skate culture, while thriving in the communities built around them. His other projects include a feature length Documentary Devoted, revolving around his love of printed media, an upcoming book profiling 100 skate shops across the globe and Art Camp, a passion project which aims to bring together artists and foster creativity in others. Beaufort describes Art Camp as the “Woodstock of art”. Ultimately Beaufort simply seeks to inspire others to have fun and tread their own path as he does.

The Attaquer x Lucas Beaufort collection reflects his infectious positivity and freewheeling DIY attitude, with Gus Gus featuring throughout the collection. It is a collaboration which stems from a shared determination to do things your own way.

The Artist Series collection will be available to shop here on the 12th of July, 2021.