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Womens All Day Anatomic Insulator Gilet Black

Women's Gilet

$260 AUD
Attaquer Womens All Day Anatomic Insulator Gilet Egghsell display mainAttaquer Womens All Day Anatomic Insulator Gilet Eggshell feature display

    Womens All Day Anatomic Insulator Gilet Eggshell

    Women's Gilet

    $260 AUD

    Womens All Day Anatomic Insulator Gilet Pine

    Women's Gilet

    $260 AUD

    Intra Womens Stow Gilet Black

    Women's Gilet

    $160 AUD
    Attaquer Womens Intra Stow Gilet Navy mainAttaquer Womens Intra Stow Gilet Navy feature display

      Intra Womens Stow Gilet Navy

      Women's Gilet

      $160 AUD

      Women's Cycling Gilets & Vests

      Discover a wide selection of women's cycling gilets and vests at Attaquer. Our cycling apparel collection features stylish and insulated options that are perfect for your cycling adventures. Whether you need a lightweight women’s cycling vest for a bit of extra warmth or a heavy-duty women’s cycling jacket to brave those extremely cold mornings, we’ve got you covered.

      In addition to that, Attaquer offers hardshell and quilted cycling gilets for women that are meticulously crafted to the highest standards. These gilets are designed to fit your body contours, ensuring optimal comfort and warmth throughout your ride. With Attaquer, you can expect superior quality and much more.

      While you’re here, don't forget to also check out our complete range of cycling clothes for women, including cycling baselayers, women’s cycling jerseys and cycling warmers.

      What is the point of a cycling gilet?

      The main purpose of a women’s cycling gilet is to provide an extra layer of insulation and protection to cyclists during their rides. Gilets are sleeveless garments that are designed to be worn over a cycling jersey or base layer. Here are some of the major benefits of cycling gilets:

      • Core insulation: Gilets focus on providing insulation to the core of the body, particularly the chest and back. By keeping these areas warm, gilets help to maintain body temperature and prevent the rider from feeling cold during their ride.
      • Versatile layering: Women’s cycling gilets are versatile garments that can be easily layered with other cycling clothing. They can be worn over a short-sleeved jersey on cooler days or over a long-sleeved jersey in colder conditions.
      • Wind resistance: Many cycling gilets for women are designed to be wind-resistant, which helps to block the chilling effects of wind during rides. This is particularly handy when riding at higher speeds or in exposed areas where wind can significantly affect body temperature.
      • Breathability: Quality women’s cycling gilets are often made from breathable materials that allow moisture and sweat to escape, preventing overheating and maintaining comfort during exertion.
      • Packability: Gilets are lightweight and easily packable, making them convenient to carry and store during rides. When temperatures fluctuate or as the ride progresses, the gilet can be quickly removed and stowed away.

      What material should I look for when choosing a women's cycling gilet?

      When choosing a cycling vest for women, it's important to consider the material used, as it plays a significant role in determining its performance and comfort. Ultimately, of course, the ideal material for a women's cycling gilet depends on the specific weather conditions you plan to ride in and your personal preferences.

      Materials commonly used in cycling gilets include:

      • Windproof and water-resistant fabrics: Look for women’s cycling gilets made from materials that offer windproofing and water resistance. These fabrics help to block the wind and repel light rain or drizzle, keeping you protected and comfortable during your ride.
      • Breathable fabrics: Opt for cycling vests for women that utilise breathable fabrics, such as polyester blends or advanced technical fabrics. Breathability allows moisture and sweat to escape, preventing overheating and ensuring comfort during exertion.
      • Insulating materials: For colder conditions, consider gilets with insulating materials such as fleece or synthetic insulation. These materials provide warmth by trapping heat close to your body while still maintaining breathability.
      • Lightweight and packable materials: Look for gilets made from lightweight and packable materials. These fabrics are convenient for carrying and easily stowing away when not in use. Nylon and polyester blends are often used for their lightweight and compressible properties.
      • Stretch and mobility: Choose women’s cycling gilets with materials that offer stretch and allow for freedom of movement. This is particularly important for cycling, as it ensures unrestricted pedalling and overall comfort.
      • Reflective elements: Some women’s cycling vests feature reflective elements or panels to enhance visibility in low-light conditions, increasing your safety on the road.

      How should a women's cycling gilet fit?

      A women's cycling gilet should fit snugly but not restrict movement. It should contour to the body without excessive bagginess or tightness, while also covering the core area adequately, extending below the waist and providing sufficient coverage in the back.

      The front zipper should allow for easy adjustment and ventilation, and the armholes and collar should fit comfortably without causing irritation or chafing. Ideally, the gilet should also have a slightly longer back to ensure it stays in place while in a cycling position. If you opt for a women’s cycling gilet with pockets, they should be positioned in a way that allows easy access and storage without causing any discomfort or interfering with your cycling motion.

      Can I wear a cycling gilet in the rain?

      While women’s cycling gilets are primarily designed to provide insulation and wind resistance, they may offer some degree of water resistance or repellency depending on the specific material used. However, it's important to note that most cycling gilets for women are not designed to be fully waterproof like dedicated rain jackets. They may provide limited protection against light rain or drizzle, but in heavy or prolonged rainfall, a cycling gilet alone may not be sufficient to keep you completely dry.

      If you anticipate riding in rainy conditions, it's advisable to wear a waterproof or water-resistant cycling jacket over your gilet. This combination will provide better protection against rain and keep you more comfortable during your ride.

      How tight should a cycling gilet be?

      A women’s cycling vest or gilet should fit snugly but not overly tight. The ideal fit is one that contours to your body shape without causing restriction or discomfort. Here are some guidelines for the fit of a cycling gilet:

      • Snug yet comfortable: The cycling gilet should have a close fit to minimise flapping in the wind and maintain aerodynamics. However, it should still allow for comfortable movement and flexibility while cycling.
      • No excessive looseness: Avoid choosing a women’s cycling gilet that is too loose or baggy, as this can create unnecessary drag and affect your performance. Look for a gilet that closely follows the lines of your body without excessive fabric bunching or folding.
      • Freedom of movement: Ensure that the gilet provides freedom of movement for your arms and shoulders. You should be able to comfortably reach forward and maintain a proper cycling position without feeling restricted by the gilet.
      • Length and coverage: The cycling gilet should have an adequate length, covering your core area sufficiently. It should extend below the waist and have a slightly longer back to ensure coverage when leaning forward on the bike.
      • Zipper adjustability: The front zipper of the women’s cycling gilet should allow for easy adjustment and ventilation. You can adjust the zipper according to your preference for temperature regulation during the ride.