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Australian cycling brand Attaquer, are excited to announce a preview of their Attaquer X Keith Haring collection. The collection will be sold online, in select retailer partners within Australia and at an exclusive Attaquer pop-up shop in Collingwood, Melbourne. With an instantly recognisable style and a penchant for social activism, Keith Haring was an iconic figure in the ’80s New York graffiti and art scene.


Attaquer X Keith Haring New York


“We’ve always been big fans of Keith Haring and following the success of our first collection, we decided to work together again to celebrate the opening of the ‘Crossing Lines’ Keith Haring exhibition opening on the 1st of December at the National Gallery of Victoria, in Melbourne,” said Greg Hamer, co-founder of Attaquer. "The playful aesthetic of Haring's art relates strongly to our own". 


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Haring's iconic art was closely informed and influenced by the unique environment of New York City. Haring’s earliest works were chalk sketches on the NYC subway; a literal underground artist. He once claimed that he “arrived in New York at a time when the most beautiful paintings being shown in the city were on wheels, on trains”.


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The pulse of energy and life of New York inspired Haring to reflect what he saw onto the chalky surfaces of the New York underground walls. Inspired by the vibrancy of the city and its people, his art is filled with lines and curves bouncing with movement.


Attaquer X Keith haring Collection 2 

Haring was creating art in public, for the public. Haring sought to bring the art world back from the grasp of upper class elitists. He stated that “Art is for everyone”. It's a sentiment that sits at the heart of Attaquer's approach to its premium cycling apparel. Haring's challenge to broader perceptions of the art world and subtle rebellion against the old guard of art critics mirror's Attaquer commitment to shaking up the traditional, often archaic world of cycling.


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“We believe that creating wearable art can change the way people feel and relate to their surroundings,” said Attaquer co-founder Stevan Musulin. "Our Limited Collections and collaborations such as this aim to challenge the status quo of how we view and interact with art and create new perspectives. It’s a way of showing a different side of who you are. Becoming your Alter Ego.”


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“Art should be something that liberates your soul, provokes the imagination and encourages people to go further.” – Keith Haring.


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