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Credit Card Touring: Taralga

There’s something pure about heading out with just your bike, sleeping under the stars, being completely self-sufficient. But let’s face it, a credit card weighs a lot less than a tent and sometimes after a gruelling day of gravel adventuring, all you want is a counter meal and a warm, dry bed.

For the first instalment of our ‘Credit Card Touring’ series, we headed south with our Single O mates from Sydney to Taralga, for some of the finest gravel riding our shared home state has to offer. Braving the seemingly endless rain that has battered eastern Australia all year, we managed to chance a miraculous gap in the weather for a stunning, ever so slightly muddy romp through the Southern Tablelands, putting all the gear from the Attaquer x Single Adventure Collection to the test.

Scroll through and watch the video to see how the trip went, with world-class riding, friendly road workers, even friendlier doggos and no shortage of delicious coffee (including some adventurous, if misguided, attempts at mixology) along the way.