ATQ x Femme Fidem

A big part of what we do at Attaquer has always been to make great stuff with people who share our love of just riding with good mates. Our friends from Femme Fidem, an incredible group of female riders, have been bringing energy and passion to the London cycling community and we’re excited to share a recent chat with them...

What was your inspiration behind the kit? Colours / design etc.
The design brings together our collective tastes in art, music and fashion brands. We wanted to steer away from any cycling kit norms and make it more fun, edgy and relevant to us. It was specifically for our group, all women who love to ride together.

What kind of riding do you do?
A bit of everything really, but definitely road riding all over London is the common thread. We all have our own individual stories and routines so a lot of bases are covered. We don’t always get to ride all together as a group, but the kit is a nice way to unite us and encourage each other from the sidelines. Everyone in the group is a super strong and impressive rider in their own right, all very inspiring women.


Fav team park up spot?
Regents Park, a regular social cycling spot, is high on the list. For the group of us that enjoys hitting South Hills @Four_Boroughs is also a definite favourite.

What does Femme Fidem represent to you? What does the term mean
FEMME FIDEM / FFCC - Fidem is Latin for faith, trust, belief, confidence, and loyalty. The Femme bit speaks for itself. We’re a group of strong women, brought together by a shared love of bikes. It’s a really supportive group and something important for us to have in the cycling community.

Where do you ride?
Most of us do a lot of riding in Regents and Park and Richmond mostly. There’s also a fair few of us that love hitting up South Hills and Kent as well as North Hills and Epping regularly. Basically between us we ride all over! There’s always someone to hit up, wherever you fancy hitting up in London.

How did you all meet?
We’ve all come together quite organically, through the cycling scene and Instagram. A bunch of us were meeting up regularly at South Hills or doing laps and it’s grown from there into this incredible community of women who support each other. It’s become way bigger than the bike now.

What’s on the horizon for the girls? Any big rides? Races?
There’s always something cool on the horizon. Everyone is doing cool stuff like amazing cycling holidays and tours or big, ambitious rides all over the place. This community of women never stops so stay tuned!