The ATQ Promise

The ATQ Promise

The ATQ Promise

At Attaquer we strive to create the most innovative, imaginative and contemporary performance products. We promise to develop, source and recycle materials that inspire positive change on the bike and minimise our impact on the world we love to ride in.

At Attaquer we strive to create the most innovative, imaginative and contemporary performance products. We promise to develop, source and recycle materials that inspire positive change on the bike and minimise our impact on the world we love to ride in.

Proudly Designed in Sydney, Australia.

Sustainability is more than just a byword to Attaquer. We’re a company that cares about our impact on the environment because at the heart of Attaquer is a team of people who themselves care about the environment.

Change starts at home and we take our promise to inspire positive change and minimise our impact on the world personally, from our office through every step right up to the product in your hand. Proudly being based in Surry Hills, in the heart of Sydney, allows us to stay directly connected to the local cycling community that’s such an integral part of what we do. It’s right here that we develop all of our products and rigorously test them to ensure not only that the performance is second to none, but that they’re built to last.

Crafted With Recycled Materials + Fabrics

Crafted Using Recycled Materials + Fabrics

What’s in a number? - Why aren’t our kits ‘100%’ recycled?

The simple answer is; it’s complicated but we’re working on it. Many of our products use a significant proportion of recycled materials and in most cases, the entire polyester component is 100% recycled. The shortfall comes mainly in the elastic/elastane component of lycra. Recycling this material is very difficult which means it’s also very difficult to source recycled elastane to use.

It is true that there are recycled options we’re not using which are available right now, however we believe sustainability is a bigger picture than just the components that make a garment. We have to consider the usable life of a product; it’s no good producing a jersey that barely lasts a season and quickly needs to be recycled again (or even worse, simply ends up in landfill).

Many current fabrics, trims and components aren’t quite up to scratch from a performance or longevity perspective and we are not willing to compromise on the quality or durability of our products for the sake of a number. The good news is that technology is progressing rapidly and we’re working closely with all of our suppliers as well as constantly scouting new suppliers so we can make the transition as soon as we’re confident all the boxes are ticked to make a truly sustainable product.

We team up with only the very best:

We work with the industry leaders:

Bluesign® assess raw materials, final products, chemical usage and manufacturing processes by analysing environmental impact to promote safety and sustainability for the environment as well as workers and customers. Suppliers and manufacturers partnered with bluesign® commit to adhering to strict standards as well as working towards improving efficiency and minimising negative environmental impacts while improving positive outcomes for people and the environment.

By choosing bluesign® System Partners wherever possible, we are able to ensure accountability and transparency in our supply chains.

A global standard which tests textiles for harmful substances including both the final product and manufacturing process. 

Fabrics, trims and garments carrying this label are guaranteed to contain no substances harmful to human health and are rigorously independently tested to receive this certification. Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certification exceeds national and international requirements and is updated annually to maintain currency with scientific and technological developments.

Many waterproof membranes and treatments, such as DWR (durable water repellent) coatings are manufactured using PFCs (Perfluorinated compounds). Although they perform extremely well, these compounds are released into the environment through the life of the product and owing to their ultra-stable nature, are extremely persistent. This means they bioaccumulate in the environment to the point where PFCs are now ubiquitous, detectable in water, plants, animals and even humans globally.

Thankfully there is a shift away from their use and Attaquer is no exception. We ensure that all membranes and DWR treatments we use are 100% PFC-free, for the sake of your health and the health of our environment.

From us to you. Conscious at every step (right to your front door).

From us to you. Conscious at every step (right to your front door).

Every order you receive is posted in a 100% compostable mailer bag. We’re also using 100% compostable product packaging too and working hard to move to completely biodegradable packaging across the board as soon as we can. We encourage you to hang on to your mailer until you’re certain you’re happy with your order, so in the event you do need to return something, you can send it back in the same bag.

To compost the mailers and garment bags at home, it’s best to remove any labels, cut them up and place in your compost bin as “brown” materials. These will completely break down within 90-120 days in a home-compost environment, sometimes even sooner when conditions are ideal.




Sustainability through partnerships

We partner with leaders across industries:

A direct extension of our commitment to sustainability is the partners we chose to work with, in everything from packaging to freight. A shared commitment to minimising our impact on the environment is a huge part of deciding who we partner with and we’re proud to count several companies who are doing more than their fair share amongst them.

In 2022, we also proudly announced a partnership with Swedish premium electric car maker Polestar. In the automotive industry Polestar are unrivalled in their commitment to environmental impact minimisation at every level of operation. As at Attaquer, this begins with sourcing and maximising the use of renewable, recycled and recyclable materials, striving towards maximum circularity. Remarkably, Polestar have committed to becoming 100% climate-neutral by just 2030.

Our international freight partner DHL are global leaders, not only in the service they provide but their sustainability credentials. They pioneered ‘green logistics’ products, were the first major freight company to make a zero-emissions commitment and continue to set the industry standard for environmental sustainability and social governance.

We’re constantly working with our manufacturing partners to source higher performance fabrics and trims which utilise as close to 100% recycled materials as possible as well as seeking energy from renewable sources, all wastage is minimised and no harmful processes are employed at any stage.

Primaloft® was the perfect partner for insulating our Quilted outerwear range, using at least 50% post-consumer recycled plastic across their entire product range.