Cobra9 Racing

Cobra9 Racing grew out of a core 5 rider group in 2009, Adam, Matt, Rups, Nath and Dugs. The early days were erratic, with some quality experiences mixed with plenty of mediocre results. It didn't matter, the quality of the crew, the experiences on offer, and the banter made it all worth the while. We were mates riding with mates and placed more importance on having fun than bringing home results.

Five years later in 2014, our long time friends from Intebuild generously came on as title sponsors. More money meant more racing. We started racing in the Queensland Road Team Series and our motivation drifted towards Elite-A grade racing. A few local riders who were part of the movement jumped on board and the team started to get some decent results. The ethos of the team remained though and having fun was more important to us than podiums.

In 2015, we met the guys from Attaquer, Greg and Stevan. They had been following our movements and really liked the Cobra9 team dynamic so decided to jump on board and dressed us from head to toe. Consequently, we started getting noticed, the talent pool deepened and we starting getting results. We were still racing as mates but the podium wasn't as unfamiliar as it used to be.

That year we also tackled our first NRS race and whilst we got smashed by the country's best, we learned a lot. On a local level though our Queensland Team Series results started to strengthen.

In 2016, we brought in some young blood, strong riders with a history of results began to get involved in the Cobra9 movement. Josh Prete became the face of the team alongside young climber Mitch Neumann. The old firm remained but the talent pool increased enormously. We claimed our first podium in the Queensland Team Series then backed it up with a win and overall GC honours to Mitch Neumann at the Sunshine Coast.

We also entered and raced our first UCI event in New Zealand, again copping a hammering, but learning and enjoying the event enormously.

In 2017, we remain the Cobra9 Intebuild Race team, 8 years now as a squad with growth every year. New members of the family, Jordan Kerby and Nick Woods add incredible depth and experience but most importantly, quality humans who add their own personalities to the team.

UCI races are now entered in for results, not just participation. Local racing is there to be won, however the same culture remains. The team know they need to be part of the 'family' before they strap on the red, black and white.  We have progressed from race fodder to where we are in 2017.

Cobra9 are Queensland's only NRS team and the strongest squad assembled yet.

All this doesn't change what sets us apart. We still smash tins at the end of races (sorry to the Mobius Future Racing lads next door in New Zealand). We still throw horrendous banter at one another during training camps. We still value the team over individuals. We remain loyal to a small collection of quality sponsors who value our story. We race big but act small. We continue to recruit from the inside. We respect the process and the sport. We enjoy the ride. We are Cobra9 Intebuild Racing.

Cobra9 Intebuild Racing, dressed by Attaquer, out of The Pedaler in the 4064.